Application Instructions:

Before you begin the application process by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen, please read these instructions.

1. Once you begin the application process, you will be identified as a Primary Tour Operator. 

Once you apply, you will have the option to add another person before you checkout. If you wish to add another individual, please select from the following options.

Additional Tour Operator: Choose this option if you have an additional appointment taking delegate.

Spouse/Guest: Choose this option if you have a guest or spouse you wish to bring along.

3. Once you apply, both you and your delegates/guests (if you have any), should proceed to the checkout screen.

2020 Tour Op Rates_AFTER early bird special.png

***If paying by check, be sure to update the address for HTS to 1801 Watermark Drive, Suite 375, Columbus, OH 43215. If you have any questions, please call Tricia Barbee at (800) 896-4682 EXT. 4.