What Does Detroit Have to Offer?

The birthplace of Motown Records, the “Motor City,” a UNESCO “City of Design,” are all a few
phrases that help showcase the wonder of Detroit — the perfect location for group travel business in the Heartland.

This progressive city is full of history peppered with ethnic richness, from its music to its culture, it’s no wonder Detroit is a popular travel destination.

Detroit is a city on the move with a growing foodie mecca, a thriving arts scene, diverse culture and unique hotels and inns, including renovated historic spaces. In fact, Lonely Planet placed Detroit #2 in the world of its “Best In Travel 2018 Top Cities.” As the proud host of the
2019 Heartland Travel Showcase, Detroit is looking forward to your attendance and showcasing our inspiring evolution!

Keep growing your business and building lasting relationships with us at Heartland Travel Showcase. Mark your calendar Feb. 22-24, 2019, and join us for another fantastic year in Detroit!

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Take a look at some of the latest growth in Detroit!

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